KFly is a quadrocopter created by Emil Fresk (aka Korken).

Emil writes the following words about this project:

KFly is a control system for piloting so-called 'multi-rotord'. Multirotors are aircraft that use three or more propellers to achieve flight (eg Tricopter, Quadcopter, Hexacopter, Y6).
KFly is at the name of the project as a whole, and also the name of the hardware platform. KFly is designed to be a user friendly platform, i.e. anyone choosing to use it should be able to easily configure the system for various different frames and different types of input via a simple GUI. Software provided with the platform will follow the same design philosophy.
KFly has gone through many design iterations (5 so far) and there will certainly be more iterations to follow, as it is still a project in development.”

Read more about KFly at the Swedish Electronics Forum..

Here is a video where Emil demonstrates the quadrocopter:

KFly is not finalized yet! Check back to see the finished result!