Here you can find relevant documents that apply to the association.


XP-el Bylaws

Annual Meeting Minutes

XP-el årsmöte 2019

XP-el årsmöte 2018

XP-el årsmöte 2017

XP-el årsmöte 2016

XP-el årsmöte 2015

XP-el årsmöte 2014

Member Meeting Minutes

XP-el medlemsmöte 21 Nov 2017

Business reports

Verksamhetsberättelse XP-el 2018-19

Verksamhetsberättelse XP-el 2015-16

Verksamhetsberättelse XP-el 2014-15

Other documents

Membership Agreement

Old Documents

XP-ek statues (old) (before Dec 2017)