The Levitator is a device that combines an electromagnet and some control circuitry to make things levitate in mid air.

Per (Stinrew) writes the following words about this project:

First I saw this thread, after that I read the article and on page 40 of Elector nr. 1/2008. When I was testing an electromagnet at XP-el, Pagge came by, and thought what I was doing looked interesting. We didn't make any further progress at that time, because it was Saturday and time for the 'Saturday buffet' at Mike's. About 2 hours later we were back from the buffet; with full stomachs and a thirst to create. While Pagge analyzed the wiring diagram, I set up a mock-up for testing purposes, and ~4 hours later we were cheering like crazy over our floating magnet, like a couple of happy 5-year-olds.”

Read the rest of the text in a thread on the Swedish Electronics Forum.

Some pictures:

Here is a video where Per demonstrates the Levitator:

Currently, the Levitator is housed at XP-el.